About me

A little profile to you can know me a little bit

Name: Jonatan Cantero

Age: 22

I live… in Barcelona, Spain

Job: Illustrator (and comic artist)

Some things about me: I love Illustration and comics, of course. I like the modern japanese visual culture, I think is very cute, but at the same time, strange and weird, and I try to draw something similar. I like specially japanese artists how Miyazaki or Murakami, and too the awesome classic mythology of this country. I’m actually focusing my work in advertising and children’s book illustration, and in the future I would like to work to the french comic market, the BD.

More things about me… ¡Oh! I love cinema. I see all kinds of movies (of a nice quality). I like specially the westerns and the silent movies, and my favorite movies are… Old Boy, To kill a mockinbird and The Ox-Bow incident